New Book on SharePoint Workspace 2010

Fabrice Barbin, Groove and SharePoint Workspace MVP for his fourth year now, has just published officially a book on SharePoint Workspace 2010 :

“SharePoint Workspace 2010 – From Disconnected SharePoint to Secure Agile Collaboration”

OK, it is in French… but sure that an Editor will be interested to publish it in English or that someone will deliver a translation service ;-)

Have a look on

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Reduce Network Bandwith and I/O Overhead on SharePoint 2010 Server with SharePoint Workspace 2010


A major feature of SharePoint Workspace 2010 (next version of Office Groove 2007), is a significant reduction of SharePoint Server 2010 bandwith and I/O overhead.


Well, with the current SharePoint 2007 or MOSS server, when a user requests a 20MB Powerpoint file from the server, he requests the first time 20MB data. If he makes a change, he sends back 20MB to the server. With SharePoint Workspace 2010, when the user makes a change on the file, he only sends back the "delta of changes" thanks to the Synch Framework.
While this sounds obvious for a file, this becomes much more interesting while you are working on a "team project" made availble through a SharePoint micro site as this is also valid for instance for SharePoint lists.

This feature is expected to have a significant impact on SharePoint 2010 server farms.

Interested to exchange more on the subject? Please join the SharePoint Workspace User Group on LinkedIn .
Jean-Michel Davault
SharePoint Workspace 2010 and Office Groove 2007 MVP, MCTS 
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Hommes & Process to present its Groove and SharePoint Workspace based solutions in Singapore

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SharePoint Workspace 2010 and Twitter

Time is moving fast ! We are already January 13, 2010 and I hadn’t yet wished you
Well it is done now ;-)
A lot of business is going on these days and I take the opportunity of this blog entry to
- point you to this pubic twitter post … Just interesting to follow what is posted there and used as teasing for 2010 …
- tell you that I will be in Singapore again from January 18 to January 22
All the best in 2010 where the launch of SharePoint Workspace 2010 will be very interesting to follow !
Jean-Michel Davault
Groove/SharePoint Workspace MVP
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SharePoint Server Site and SharePoint Workspace : Black and White :-)

Hello dear reader,
How could you better illustrate the new SharePoint Workspace capabilities than with this Magic Ball?
You post something locally … 

and it arrives automatically on the SharePoint Server Site   

Magic isn’t it?





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SharePoint Conference 2010 Las Vegas

Hi everybody,
The SharePoint Conference 2010 starts shortly !
If you are there, you have a significant chance to find me Booth 1003
Regarding NDA related information it is black out until tomorrow October 19 2009 around 9 AM.
In the meanwhile, you can have a look at the First Page of the Conference Guide :-)
Otherwise, if you are still not convinced that global warming is accelerating have a look here at the Hoover Dam water level and that in less than 15 to 20 years you won’t even have some few remaining green on what you can still can find around !
Jean-Michel Davault
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Singapore SharePoint Pro and SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas

Dear Reader,
Before moving shortly to the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas (October 19-23, 2009), I spent a week in Singapore with prospects and customers where I also spoke, together with Joel Oleson, at the SharePoint Pro.SG.
Here are some picture already Singapore Septembre 16, 2009
Two videos are planned to be posted which deal about :


Office Groove 2007 / SharePoint Workspace 2010

Jean-Michel, MVP Groove


Jean will share his knowledge on the Groove today and possibly the upcoming SharePoint Workspace 2010.  And how do you benefit from this piece of Collaboration Spectrum.




Preparing for Upgrade to SharePoint 2010 Today

Joel Oleson, Quest Software


Don’t wait for SharePoint 2010!  You need to get ready now.  There is a ton of guidance in Service Pack 2 and the team blog to prepare for upgrade.  This session will drill into the PreUpgradeChecker and provide insight and guidance around planning for upgrade based on the information that has been released and will provide you with enterprise strategy and call to actions so you’re ready when it arrives.

See you soon at the SharePoint Conference either at OpenPortal booth or during keynotes and sessions !
Jean-Michel Davault
Groove and SharePoint Workspace MVP
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